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Information about Our Town 2

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A National Postcard Competition

This year's theme: Stained glass windows


We are inviting artists living in the UK to enter our postcard competition. The theme of the competition is Our Town and we are asking people in towns around Britain to record the places they live, with a focus this year on:


Stained Glass Windows


Museum Artefacts

Pub Signs (of Life) 

Last year, two hundred people from around Britain answered our call and twenty were selected for exhibition. 


So, yes. Our categories:


Stained Glass Windows

They are beautiful and we want to draw attention to them whether abstract, floral or figurative etc. You may not immediately know of any stained glass windows of note, but look around and ask around and you'll find plenty. They'll have them in churches, no doubt - but where else might you find them? What's the oldest example you can find? The most elaborate? Can you find examples in totally unexpected places?


These small openings are everywhere. They let us in and out but do we really ever notice them? Why not have a concerted look next time you're in town? There are probably as many types of doors as there are personalities of people. There are open doors and closed doors and doors left ajar. There are doors that open by themselves and some that never open. There are doors that revolve and doors that slam. We love the doors made from trees that grew centuries ago. 

Doors are great. Let us see your doors. 

Museum Artefacts 

Stored inside those buildings we rarely go in are our collected treasures. Treasures that hold our collective memories and tell us who we used to be. When was the last time you visited your local museum? Why not go back and use your competition entry to tell us something about what you find there?


Pub Signs (of Life) 

Pubs are disappearing and with them their function of bringing people together. This category is about the signs out front which are usually hand painted with those quirky names we love like The Hare & Hound, The Red Lion, The White Swan. Perhaps you've got a pub in your town you'd like to give a shout-out to? Maybe you'd like to reimagine and redesign their tatty old sign for them? Whatever you decide to do, don't forget to hurry up please, it's time to get started.   

Material Changes

This year we want to explode the idea of a postcard competition, too. So, we don't mind what medium you use, so long as your entry is standard postcard size - that is 6 x 4 inches with a depth of no more than 1 inch. This means it could be a genuine piece of stained glass. It could be a mosaic or watercolour; it could be crocheted or stitched, sculpted or printed. How else might you want to approach it is up to you. The only thing we ask you to adhere to is the standard postcard size of 6 x 4 inches... and for those just wanting to keep to regular paper postcards, the more the merrier. Our heads won't simply be turned by flash materials. Traditional or novelty - make it great and we'll notice. 

C'est Combien? 

The price to enter is £10 which includes VAT. Subsequent entries purchased at the same time are £5 each. £2 goes to the government so we can help pay for things like the NHS. Some of the money will go toward the exhibition we'll mount, provide an opening for and invigilate; and the rest goes toward the upkeep of our school and shop. With the exception of a recent bit of funding to help us put on free classes for Scarborough Streets, we are entirely unfunded and rather than ask for donations and handouts we do competitions like this. 


How To Enter


Enter online by 11.59pm on 23 June 2024. Alternatively, you can come into the school in Scarborough and enter the competition that way.


Unlike last time, we will not provide those who enter this competition with a postcard which is why we have been able to reduce the price of entry. 


There is no shortlist stage where we ask for images of your entry.


Physical entries must be delivered to us at 2-4 South Street, Scarborough, YO11 2BP in person or by post on or before Saturday 29 June 2024.

Winning submissions will be announced by Friday 5 July 2024. 

Up to 20 finalists will be selected for exhibition which will open Friday 19 July 2024.  

Winning entries will be framed where appropriate by NYAS in a standard uniform frame to be exhibited and sold in the NYAS shop. The artist must stipulate whether the work is for sale or not and must include the amount they'd like to receive if the work is sold. Please note, NYAS will add a 30% commission.


List of Rules


This is a postcard competition with regard to size only. You can use any material you like and this may or may not include an actual postcard.

Works can be no larger than the size of a standard postcard which is 6 x 4 inches. 


Works must not have a depth of more than 1 inch. 


Please ensure all elements are firmly secure before sending or dropping off your work. Any parts that are missing or coming away from the work will result in disqualification. 

Works can be signed. Works without signatures are acceptable.  


Do not bend your work. 

Work must not be framed.

Unsuccessful entries can be returned. Please include an appropriate stamped addressed envelope with your entry. 

NYAS is not liable for any lost or damaged postcards.


Price of entry includes VAT. 

Our Town 2 Entry

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