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This is a long-winded way of telling you about what our greeting cards mean, where they come from and who made them. Scroll down to get straight to the greeting cards if you don't want to read on.

Our greeting cards are unique and exclusive to NYAS. They feature the work of the artists and makers who attend classes here at our bottom-up, street corner arts initiative.

Many of those that come to classes are people who live around the corner, or else drive miles to come and sit at one of our easels. Some are on holiday, others are back to being creative after some time out.


Often complete beginners from all walks of life, we like to make sure our artists' efforts are rewarded by making their work available to the public in the form of exhibitions, prints and greeting cards. 

At NYAS, there is no house style, no one way of doing things. We have fast become a centre of creativity. People connect here. They share ideas and get challenged. They see ambitions - sometimes long-held - fulfilled. 

The happiness painting, drawing and crafting brings to our creative community of artists is something we want to share. Simply scroll down and have a browse. If there's anything you like, add it to your basket.


£1 goes to the artist.

75p goes to NYAS.

75p goes into our material fund so we can print more.


The greeting cards come with an envelope and are printed on high quality 300gsm card with a size of 5”x7” (12.7cmx17.8cm). Celebrate any special occasion. Get yours today. 

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