2nd Annual Newsprint Open
Following on from the success of the 1st Annual Newsprint Open which took place at North Yorks Art School in 2021, artists are once again invited to submit work for the 2nd Annual Newsprint Open.
Over 100 people entered in 2021 and NYAS is hoping to double that number. Successful applicants will be asked to send in their work for an exhibition opening this Summer. Money raised will go towards a printer for the forthcoming North Yorks Art School shop.
Whether blank, or printed with fake news, newsprint is cheap, widely available and pliable. It is, when you put a too-sodden brush through it, frustrating – but it's also light, full of rip-and-repair potential and surprisingly robust if treated with care. 
Theme 1
1922: It was a hundred years ago!
Artists looking for inspiration may respond to one of two works created in 1922 (noteworthy because 1922 was 100 years ago this year): T.S. Eliot’s The Waste Land and Pablo Picasso’s Two Women Running on a Beach. One, an evocation of life lived fully with joy and abandon; the other of life mired in dysfunction and breakdown. 


Theme 2 
From walks to White Nab to stained glass windows; from daydreams in Falsgrave to rooms at the Grand. Scarborough’s topography is hilly and winding, the Victoriana heavy and stacked. This is an opportunity to record Scarborough as a local or as a visitor. 





  • Details of how to submit your entry will be confirmed via email once purchased. 

  • All work must be made in 2022.


  • Work must be made in such a way it can be folded, rolled and sent in a sturdy, clearly labelled, cardboard tube. Other methods are permitted, but tubes are recommended/preferred depending on the nature of the work.


  • Unlike last time, Sculpture is allowed providing artists deliver and collect their work, as storage is limited.


  • Work can be any size but we recommend no smaller than a tabloid newspaper. But big is good! We have nice big walls so don’t be afraid to give your work presence (the walls are 9 ft high so bear that in mind). Use tape on the underside to help stick the paper together. You can also strengthen the borders using tape (again on the underside without wrapping it around). 


  • Please allow the properties of newsprint to come to the fore. So for example, don’t stick it to card or stronger paper to strengthen it. Work with its fragility.  


  • You can use whatever medium you like with it, providing it's not dangerous, disgusting and/or still wet when opened.


  • The work will have no frame and will be arranged and hung using blue-tac and small nails where necessary. No other method of hanging will be considered. Artists will not take part in the installation process. 


  • All work can be for sale during the exhibition. The organiser will take 30% from any sale. 


  • Not all work will be selected for exhibition.


Timetable of Events


Closing date for entry: 

Midnight on Thursday 30th June 2022

Successful applicants announced:

Tuesday 5th July 2022

Physical work sent to NYAS:

Friday 22nd July 2022

Exhibition begins at NYAS:

Friday 12th August 2022 6pm