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Christmas Postcard Competition

The theme for this postcard competition is Christmas, but we have three categories we hope will feed your imagination:


A/ Creepy and Disturbing 

B/ Traditional and Nostalgic 

C/ Make-Do-And-Mend

Creepy and Disturbing

Subvert the jolly season with nightmarish visions of puking elves and screaming snowmen, deranged dogs and sweaty santas. We're looking for dysfunctional and demented to rival anything the Victorians dreamt up, for it was they who cherished a devilish Christmas card with their murdering mice and sinister walking potatoes. This category would suit cynics and sinners, scrooges and surrealists. 

Traditional and Nostalgic

Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ but it's also something many of us associate with George Michael's mullet in the video to Last Christmas. To some it's Midnight Mass and carol singing, for others it's Noddy Holder and Coronation Street Specials. We gather around the table to eat, we watch the telebox and hear the monarch speak. This category would suit reverential, Radio Times-reading romantics. 


We are all recipients of over 8 billion Christmas cards sent annually. One tree can be turned into 3,000 cards and in the UK 30,000 tonnes of them are thrown away every year. So why not dig out those old cards you can't bring yourself to throw away and gift them a new lease of life. Recycle your cards. Release the robins and the reindeers, set free the shepherds and the snowmen. Rip them up and start again. This category would suit eco-friendly elves and friends of Ebenezer.

Costs and Benefits

Apply by 11.59pm on Sunday 24 September 2023.

The cost to enter is £11. ENTER HERE. You will then receive a postcard in the post and a self addressed envelope in which you can return your completed artwork. 


Additional postcard entries will be charged at £5 per entry. There is a maximum of thirty entries per order. 

NYAS charges for entry because we are an entirely unfunded organisation but we have a track record of mounting seriously good exhibitions where visual organisation and impeccable art handling is put at the forefront of everything we do. Your money doesn't go towards holidays and fancy clothes. It all goes back into our business. So, thank you in advance. 


A blank postcard (or postcards) will be posted the week commencing 25 September 2023.


Completed postcards must be returned in the stamped addressed envelope provided, to be received by Tuesday 31 October 2023. 

Winning submissions will be announced by Friday 3 November 2023. 

Up to 20 finalists will be selected for exhibition which will open Friday 10 November 2023. 

Winning entries will be framed by NYAS in a standard uniform frame to be exhibited and sold in the NYAS shop. The artist will receive £100 if their work is sold (70% commission to the artist).

A4 prints and greeting cards of the winning entries will be made available to sell in the NYAS shop.


Up to 100 entries that don't go through to exhibition will be displayed on the NYAS website and made available to purchase as A4 prints. 

Where items are sold, artists will receive a monthly commission from NYAS as follows: 

Greeting Card £1. 

A4 print £6.50. 


This is a painting and drawing competition but you can use any medium you like on your postcard, within reason. (The postcard is smooth but watercolour can be used. Bubbling occurs if too much water is applied although the texture it creates lends itself to watercolour paper and is not unattractive or considered wrong by NYAS). 

Works must not be created separately on a piece of paper and then stuck down onto your postcard.  


You must use the postcard sent out to you that has on it its own serial number.


Works can be no larger than the size of a single postcard which is 14.8cm x 10.5cm. This means postcards cannot be attached side-by-side to make larger works.  

Collage is acceptable but must not exceed the edge of the postcard and must not be thicker than 5mm.


Please ensure all elements are firmly secure before sending your postcard. Any parts that are missing or coming away from the postcard will result in disqualification. 

Works can be signed on the front or back of your postcard. Postcards without signatures are acceptable.  


Do not bend your postcard. 

Postcards must not be framed.

Unsuccessful entries can be returned. A postal charge will apply for any returned postcards.

NYAS is not liable for any lost or damaged postcards.

Our Town

The exhibition of our previous postcard competition OUR TOWN closed on Sunday 3 September 2023.


Two runners-up were selected: Peter McGrath (Scarborough) and Laura Atkins (Belfast).


The winner Elena Stogneva (Hitchen) completed her Scarborough residency at the end of August 2023.


Elena's residency was an opportunity for her to explore Scarborough and record it using watercolour. An exhibition will follow at a later date. She is also taught a couple of workshops at NYAS while in Scarborough. 

Thanks to everyone that took part. Click here for more information.

This is an image of the North Yorks Art School gallery, previously Three Works in Scarborough.
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