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Capturing & Editing

NYAS Digital may be able to help you turn your physical artwork into good digital images.


We don't have fancy equipment. We use phone cameras to photograph our students' work and these are the images we use to make prints and digital files. All the stuff that goes into making a portfolio.

What we do have in abundance, though, is a good eye for design and detail and nearly 30 years experience using photoshop.


It's photoshop we use to edit our phone photographs. We brighten, crop, straighten up images until they look portfolio and print-ready.

So what does all this mean for you?

Well, for instance, you may want to enter your work into an art competition. Let's say you've been asked to upload some images of your work but on reflection decide the images you've taken  are not very good. Maybe they're poorly lit and a bit off-kilter. 


What we're good at is making images look good.


So, if you're local then you might want to bring your work to us to be photographed. Perhaps you live miles away and want to email us your images  so that we can straighten them out.   


Use the form below to tell us about what you'd like to achieve. Everyone is different and therefore have different needs.


We'll review what it is you need and get back to you with advice, and if it's something we can help with, a quote. 


Tell us about your project


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