Registration Deadline: (CLOSED)
Work must be delivered on or before Saturday 31 October 2020.
Who can enter? Everyone.
This (first!) Annual Open Call is all about NEWSPRINT. Whether blank, or printed with fake news, newsprint is cheap, widely available and pliable. It is, when you put a too-sodden brush through it, frustrating – but it's also light, full of rip-and-repair potential and surprisingly robust if treated with care.
Three Works Scarborough and North Yorks Art School are separated by a corridor but around Christmas 2020 they will join up and play host to an exhibition of your newsprint drawings, paintings, prints and collages. Sculpture is not allowed. 
Miroslav Pomichal / Broken Dreams / Ink on newsprint / 152x216cm / 2018
No photographs or prints of the work may be submitted. There are no online submissions. Every entry must be sent to the address provided below in order to be in with a chance of getting selected for exhibition. 
All work must be made in such a way it can be folded, rolled and sent in a sturdy, clearly labelled, cardboard tube. Other methods are permitted, but tubes are recommended/preferred depending on the work.
A form will be sent to you after you pay online in your confirmation email. You can use it to write up (but preferably type up) the information requested. Please send it with your work. Better still, send an email with all the information required clearly laid out. Don't forget to include your order number. 
All work should be newly made in 2020.
All work should be no smaller than the sort of centre page found in a tabloid newspaper when folded out but Chris encourages you to go bigger! Use tape to help with this. You can use whatever medium you like with it, providing it's not dangerous, disgusting and/or still wet when opened.
The work will have no frame and will be arranged and hung using magnets by Chris. The work will not be pierced by Chris during installation. No other method of hanging will be considered. Artists will not take part in the installation process. 
All work can be for sale. Three Works / NYAS will take 10% each from any sale. 
Not all work will be selected for exhibition. All submitted work will, however, be photographed and uploaded onto the website where it can be made available for sale during the time it is on Three Works / NYAS property. Three Works / NYAS will take 10% each from any sale.
Any amount owed to the artist from sales will be transferred to the artist's account using BACS. 
You can enter as many works as you like. Each entry is £11.
Sally Wyatt / Fun Fair / Coloured pencils on newsprint / 152x216cm / 2020
Return of work
Work can be stored for a period of 6 months after the exhibition closes. Returned work must be picked up in person by the artist or arrangements must be made whereby Three Works / NYAS receives a handling fee for returning the work by post. This fee is not added to the entry fee so as to give artists flexibility in how the work is returned.
Prizes will be given for the three most popular works according to an online poll with each being awarded a Three Works solo exhibition in 2022. 
Good luck!
Please contact Three Works / North Yorks Art School on:
Telephone: 01723449376
Send work to:
Three Works / NYAS Open Call
71 Scalby Road
North Yorkshire
YO12 5QL
Three Works / NYAS Open Call
2–4 South Street
North Yorkshire
YO11 2BP